A Tree Grows...

There's a cream paned window
that shares the view with me
never is it selfish
but open, clear and fragile as can be!

We have a messy network of wire branches outside the windowpane; all bare and grey. The skinny limbs appear as a dark outline of lace against a sullen sky; but among the chill and quiet, there is one leafless tree that wears an array of pink and white. The Magnolia tree. It blooms without the greenery, bears blossoms alone without any leaf. Every flower rests on a silver branch.

I watch it sometimes and it makes me very quiet. I feel like I'm looking into something too lovely, too delicate, too dear to be real in our fallen, sorrowful and tainted Earth. We are able to see a shadow of heaven because our God creates for us...glorious, wonderful masterpieces. Isn't He so good? These little bits of nature are such a help.


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