Douglas Allen

The First Day of March! It is made beautiful because my dad was born on this day.
I have life and all its grace and pain, trial and blessing - I'm alive because of my father!

When I was off being rebellious, I did believe I was my own little island. I believed my own pain and selfishness were enough to justify my solitude and separation. And when I implored my dad to let me go ( How I really wanted to stay); he would not. And when I became a curse so he would turn me away; he fought for me and loved me anyway. This is how I learned God's love. Because my very own father showed me. I am still Gods and I am always my Fathers daughter. And when my island remembered its connection to her continent; I was filled with joy and gratitude. It was what I wanted all along...

My father is mostly a quiet man. He gets up early for prayer and work. He writes his sermons, preaches them, cares for his wife and looks to his family. He spends his evenings toiling, perservering and working for the Kingdom of God. He's tired. But he doesn't complain or quit. He continues and has continued for many, many years.

We grew up simply. Dad came home at four and I'd hide behind the door, waiting to jump out and scare him. I did this everyday for a long time and truly believed I had him fooled. His constant patience and love pervaded every circumstance and made it beautiful! Even whilst being spanked and talked too...I was never unsure or insecure of my father's love. We used to dance to this old cajun song; all I can remember is the line, "mama make some mighty fine gumbo" I'd say him, "Put on the gumbo song Dad!" and he'd put it on and we'd dance, I'd hold his finger and twirl round and round. He did not waver or change. He's a constant man and the reward for such a man is heaven and a crown of righteousness. He will hear the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant" and it will be true.

I am able to love and be loved, because of my dad. He has provided a sturdy home for us, secure and safe with his wisdom and strength. He taught me to love God and work hard. Let me rebuild the wells and bless you father! You are the peg upon which your legacy hinges.

The nights lost to your tears and prayers, the days you spent in heartache...oh let them be redeemed! I want to honor you! So here, miles away, over the mountains and beyond the sea, I am here serving God, working hard and remembering your ways and words and tying them around my heart. That beautiful, bloody book you taught me so well says it best: "...continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus..."
I want to be wise like you. I want to honor you and bless you with the life God has given me. I am so faulty, so afraid, so needy, and you help me rise above and with your example and leadership you guide my quivering sail and let me experience God's love here on earth!

I will bless you, preserve the wells you've dug and my children will speak your name. With all I am, I will serve the Lord and bring honor to your name. I will never outgrow my need for you.  I love you.

Happy Birthday my very own Dad! You are my hero.


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