My Silver Lining

Some days are hard. Some weeks are hard and some months are hard. Even some years are hard. But sometimes things work out and all is well. Rain falls on the good and the bad and today it rained.
It's been raining for a week and I am so grateful for a silver sky and a rainy view. There is nothing more soft and calming than watching earth blink and glisten, streets black and shiny and the air cleaned out.
I don't always feel God; but when it rains, He feels much closer. (His nearness doesn't change...ha!) Something tangibly peaceful, in myself, responds to rainy, cloudy days. There is victory in the rain. Water lapping against a rock or falling from the sky. So yielding, soft in just a drop...yet with time it wears down even the coldest, hardest rock. Gentle wins and I am in awe.


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