I am only human,
bound by my dimensions, I cannot hold the stars.
Even if I wanted I could not
wear the sea like a cape around my shoulders.
I am limited:
I bruise and bleed and tear and weep;
in my caverns deep
all my sin, it keeps.
I have frailness
and I try to hide this.

But you are God; not a man.
Science is your tool, the earth your footstool.
You roll the heavens and the skies,
you place the moon inside night,
You are God and you are right.
Your way is in the whirlwind and the storm,
the clouds are dust beneath your feet.
How can I get to you?
For you're high above.
And I, am not.

So you become a human.
You bruise and bleed and tear and weep;
beat upon your holy brow my crown of thorns.
You go inside my catacombs
and with your Light uncover all my dark.
All my games and different names you place upon yourself.
You become my sorrow, you absorb my hollow.
Sin bends your noble head as you bleed red, red, red.
You die, like a human.

But you are God.
Not a man; your life - a ransom,
the curse of sin upon God's son.
From death you live and rose
broke our spell; changed what's to come,
Met the great divide that kept me from your side.
You left your heavenly place,
to give my heart grace.
What a strange and holy plan:
in my brokenness revealed
the son of God could be fulfilled.
And I, am only human.


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