He Shows Us How

Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered.
I suffer.

At some point, everyone will experience a suffering that is personal unto themselves.
This is not a pity. The consequence of our sin nature and free will, a fallen world. Sin causes damage, pain is reality, curses, sorrows, sickness, death, broken hearts, broken spirits, bent bodies, confused minds...it can be overwhelming when we think of God and his sovereignty.  The Atheist believes very much in God, so much they are angry with Him.  Angry that He'd allow it all...
Perhaps this is common among all who bleed?  The belief that God has held out on us; something better was desired, promises deep inside and no fulfillment, war, societies twisted with prejudices and inequalities and sufferings and rape and death and, and..
We are recipients of a world gone to hell - how is this allowed?

God is sovereign. The Creator of all things and cannot go outside of his character. What is His character?  We know we have choices and the ability to choose - He gave us free will. I would find it hardly desirable if God stopped my hand at what I wanted it to do. He gave me a free will; He cannot manipulate or change that. I haven't been stopped, by Him, ever.  Even when I wished He had stopped me - He didn't.  Is this allowing? I think not.  This tremendous law that He cannot break and yet allowed it to break Him. The incredible gift of free will whether He is glorified or not.

How incredible the opportunity to be obedient. We suffer as our Christ, never as much, but in part and so become like Him,  changed from glory to glory.
To lose it all...and so gain Him? I would not have it any other way.


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