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There is no line for sky, none for sea,  White against white. Ethereal bright, Bereft of any mark,
Dispels the dark. Pure as snowy shrouds Fallen on emerald boughs.
Nature mourned the curse of humanity, Death upon death, Writhed to catch a breath.  Still! Moon and morning stars, 
Sing from afar. Oh! The hearts He gave, Sin, mangled and betrayed.
In His Laws, by His Blood, sin absolves. Golden array, Splits the night from day,  No will but to obey.
Season's display:  Earth leans away, weaves  A crimson thread in leaves.
To Will! Yield! Desire all His love utmost,  Mimic terrene.  Illumine all men. Chosen, devoted here!
Allay the fear! For, greatest Glory ever sung, Jesus, the son of Man, has won!

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