Xerxes Gets Mad

I was sick about a month ago and in getting up to answer the door (a friend bringing tortilla soup...a merci to lovely rachel) I was in a rush and banged my foot against the door. It brought me crashing down and I broke my two smallest toes; still the littlest one whines...such a baby.

But when I hit my foot; such pain, such anger! So, I banged that awful door. I hit it very, very hard with a scowl on my face.

But I find Xerxes strange. He builds a bridge over the Hellespont and when a raging storm brings it down, he orders his men to the waters and commands them to whip the waves with 300 lashings and toss in fetters...I laugh. He amuses me. But is that because he's gone and just a line in an ancient book? We are separated by time, culture, thought, and how similar we appear in our reactions. Are we really so different?

What kind of man believes he can punish water? Or a girl who disciplines her door?
I'm no Xerxes...but I get mad!


  1. girl, you leave me in stitches. i have not disciplined an inanimate object in so many years (learned long ago only i feel the pain...just like only I hear my husband yelling at the other drivers on the road). as far as the little one crying "Wheeeee... all the way home" i too broke little toes two different times (in fits of anger both) and the wee one on the left does still whine from time to time.

  2. Aw Sissy! Those inanimate objects need to become memories, not recent affairs! sheesh. You leave ME in laughter!!! i'm so glad you can identify with the toe(s) thing...


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