End from the Beginning

It's pretty hard to reconcile both the Christian and the Patriot. They each diverge into different realms: one that lasts forever and another that is temporal and earthly.

In an effort not to be too draining...I won't cry. I think I finished that up last night when I thought of noble John Adams who traveled so far and for so long for our cause and his, brave little wife, Abigail. And again, for our gentleman farmer, George Washington as he led his men with Godly courage, or when I think of messy, good, ol' Benjamin Franklin, who said the famous words in response to a woman's inquiry of what government they chose, "A republic, if you can keep it." He understood well that the natural order of a republic turns tyrannical unless its people stay moral.
So, so many more...their blood, witness to the cause they lived and died for, speaks from the ground and lines our history books. And now it slips through our fingers and is replaced by a quiet socialism. It's so offensive, our Constitution is bowed with the violation and the cry "of the People, by the People" goes unheard as our leaders encroach upon our freedoms and lie to us.

But...as much as I love my dear land...this is not my home. God knew this would happen and gave us ways to prepare. It starts with a heart. My own heart. Time with His word and Jesus will fan the flame and begin a revolution all its own. A revolution of revival. This is the true war and we win!

So while I am yet discouraged that my country, land of the free, crumbles...I am encouraged because Jesus will return and He will receive with him the hearts he's prepared...let us not grow weary in doing good, but remember, God knows the end from the beginning and revival will change me, us, our nation!


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