What the Bird Said Early in the Year

'What the Bird Said Early in the Year'
by C.S. Lewis

I heard in Addison's Walk a bird sing clear:
This year the summer will come true. This year. This year.
Winds will not strip the blossom from the apple trees
This year, nor want of rain destroy the peas.

This year time's nature will no more defeat you,
Nor all the promised moments in their passing cheat you.
This time they will not lead you round and back
To autumn, one year older, by the well-worn track.

This year, this year, as all these flowers foretell,
We shall escape the circle and undo the spell.

Often deceived, yet open once again your heart,
Quick, quick, quick, quick! -- the gates are drawn apart.

This makes me cry a little, every time I read it. It's one of the best poems portraying hope against hope. When you have squandered everything, trampled the best, have left all that was ever good and true, and you see the charred bones of your potential and youth laying on dusty floorboards of your memory...and you think you can never get back, you can! Its not about looking backward and seeing the wreckage, look ahead! Look now at the grace which is at your side. This is what Earth is for...to forget what lies behind, pressing forward. Put away anything doubtful in your life; hear your Gods words and fly to him! Rush to Him, he dwells with the lowly and contrite and he brings us summer.


  1. When CS Lewis was still an athiest in college he wrote several books full of poems that he published. He considered himself for much of his early life as mostly a poet. But his books Epically Failed. So he went to other things. Thats neat you found one!


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