Lean Closer Autumn, Dear...

Was Autumn ever anticipated more than now? Inside my head?

No. Never. Not this year anyway...

100 + degree weather and humidity that melts your bones and leaves you a buttery pool on the ground...its disgusting. It's suffocating and very similar to hell, I think. not that I've been there, but from what I read and hear...

So! There's this tree and it's turning color. In San Antonio that means the leaves dying hue is a turd brown. But its enough. I get to crunch them beneath my shoes...

And today! oh ! Sunday lovely morning, today! a Northern wind blew and whispered in my ear the promise of winter near.

I'm counting, leaning, straining the months, weeks, days, hours until I see my breath in the air and the stars wink more brightly in the crisp night air
and I am there
with winter.


  1. We have been having a bit of Indian Summer here at the Oregon Coast this past week.... However, like you, I would rather have Fall.

  2. Isn't fall grand? I hate halloween, it grosses me out, so I bide my time for november...then those freezing, bone chilling winds, and the bright laughing sun, nary a cloud in the sky...mmm...Chico is still 100 tho..so alas..I just dream.
    Hey! you have my cell number, but I don't have yours little lady...and I also don't have a highly anticipated letter!!!!!
    (how's that for subtlety?)

  3. i don't have it! here let me get my invisible ink and write mine upon these white lines...er. i think i left that pen in my childhood. I'll email you. I think I do that now, since I'm older and living modern in 2010.
    (you're subtlety is moving...so i'm going to send it! but its dusty and outdated and. and. covered with snails silver time ; ).

  4. Hannah-I know that your blog is a little outdated but did you actually describe a fallen leaf as "turd-brown?" well, thanks just the same for your perspective. come visit me at my blog www.auntbobbiscloset.blogspot.com and bask in the quilty things of my life. ok, i remain a fellow 'glorybound'er


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