A deck of spring...

"Mary, mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Mom sent me a box with snapdragon seeds. She also sent crocosmia bulbs, nasturtiums and another which I've forgotten.

I have a little deck that basks in the morning sun and cools in the afternoon shade - perfect for my southern garden.

I do not know how they will grow here, the salty, rainy flowers; but I want to try...

There will be an illegal rainfall as water drips from the deck awning but oh! I long for flowers! and that is worth any..waste.

What is waste anyway and defined by whom? I say it is an investment. Not only for the senses but for my oregon heart part.

Wasn't Christmas just 4 months ago? How quickly we are here. April showers and May flowers, spring sprung, easter and Christ is won the grave.

Oh! I remember the other flower! Cosmos!

And! I have begun to iron too...


  1. I feel your need for flowers...oh the simple things that we yearn for...You are a blessing to my life and i am glad that you are here (however much you pine for Oregon). sis


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