It began in the way I awoke. Day was here. and I was up. I was ready and buckled in the car with feelings of perfect normalcy.
It continued how it began. My thoughts were stupefied and bound by the foggy grey of morning and held in a pleasant stupor throughout the day. I sat at my desk and watched patients come and go and my voice telling them yes and no and so and so...and I didn't even mind.
And then my feet were frozen. And my shoulders and fingers too. But my neck was on fire and my cheeks like swollen red apples. I was covered in my wool coat, inside and my armpits had the nasty little habit of dabbing themselves with cold, cool sweat. This sneaky wetting process did pass my dazed radar and managed to be quite bothersome.
So I napped at home and the blankets were also in a stupor for they neglected my poor cold feet with such blatancy that I left them to lie in their own pile of reticence.
I put on my bathrobe and socks. I made Tetley's black tea. I added halfn half and brown sugar. And in an effort to warm my feet, I toasted a bagel. I cut chunks of butter and let it cover every grainy pore. The other half I smothered in deep, white cream cheese. Then I remembered Sissy.
Sissy is Southern and pretty. Sissy has given me Kentucky honey and seedless blackberry jam.
So I take out of the fridge, the jar of seedless blackberry jam and suddenly I have southern thoughts.
THis is what I heard my tongue say, OH SISSAY oWENS THANK THUUH LOWRD"
And I drank my tea. I devoured my bagel like a greedy, disgusting...
and my feet are warm.


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