Autumn wears blush...

It feels like fall, today especially. Here are the ways:

My parents' anniversary falls on this day...
The sunlight spills through a kaleidoscope and falls
in pieces
of gold and orange;
brushes every angle and edge with softness
and lands upon my brow with the utmost of manners.
It even looks into my eyes
and I
look back.

So. I painted my nails. I'm in love with plum, greys and berry colors.

I made a Pinterest Wreath!!

And pumpkin pie with whipped cream (REAL whipped cream).

The pie trick is in the butter and fraisage (smooshing the crust mixture into the counter before forming it into a disc)
flaky, buttery crust enveloping pumpkin and spices...
Oh my.
Was autumn never more lovely than this?!


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