Why women quote Marilyn Monroe is seriously beyond me.
She was a drug and alcohol addict who built her life between the bed sheets of tawdry affairs. And she killed herself by pills (or the company she kept).
Oh! But she was beautiful and out of control! In our perfect worlds we aren't like that and she, poor thing, was such a victim.
Easy enough for any of us to act exactly like her. (Oh! Not you, kind reader?!)
Well, I know my heart and I'm glad Jesus died for it. The last thing we need are our affections and admiration's misplaced and wasted on the most base and natural desires. Why not quote the God of heaven who created words and speaks life?
Or someone who actually lived better than ourselves? There are many who leave me convicted and inspired: jim elliott, susanna wesley, amy carmichael, cs lewis, dl moody, charles spurgeon, your pastor... It's not always easy keeping our hearts right with God, why make it any harder?  Let us look up and admire more worthily.


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