What is Love...

I've always wanted to be loved alone; separately and continually, constantly, permanently. But there is no such thing. Here's the catch and the retrieval...is beautiful! This is reserved for God.

Remember the beginning of things? When they are at first new, exciting and unencumbered by time, life and change? We long for those first beginnings and pine for them to exist after the newness wears off and we are no longer pure, unaffected individuals. Life complicates the innocent, fresh love, wearing it out with roles, busyness, trials, obligations. We want somehow to capture that beginning love and exclude it from anything that may shadow it. But life will always shadow it; people will shadow it. The trick, I think, is to wait for a rainy day. And when without shadows, you can remember and mimic those early days...

I get discouraged here. I forget that humanity is all I have and its all that matters; yet I cannot depend on humanity to replenish or preserve me. This comes from God. We serve humanity because of Him and when He is our aim, we do not mind being used and weary for others' sake. Ultimately our love, our purity, our refreshment comes from Jesus Christ and all the rest falls into place.

God is love.


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